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FIRST LEGO League Qualifier
Saturday December 21, 2019

Fox Valley Robotics hosts an FLL qualifier on Saturday, December 21, 2019. Qualifying teams continue to one of the Illinois FLL State Championships.

The tournament is at Rotolo Middle School, 1501 South Raddant Road, Batavia, IL 60510

The schedule is as follows:
7:45 am
Doors Open and teams can Check In
8:15-8:45 am Coaches Meeting
9:00-9:20 am Opening Ceremony
9:30 am -2:30 pm
Robot and Judging
11:45-12:30 pm
12:30-2:30 pm
 Robot and Judging
2:30-3:15 pm
Pre-Closing Ceremony
3:15-4 pm Closing Ceremony
The event is open to the public. The best time to watch the competition is between 9:30 am and 2:30 pm in the large gym.
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Event Overview & School Map
Event Overview & School Map
This event has been put together with the teams in mind. They will be occupied by something nearly every minute of the day. The judges will engage the kids with questions and will endeavor to make this a positive experience for all. Some teams will move on to the Illinois Championships, some teams will get an award, some teams will see their robot crash and burn, but all will be treated like winners.

The main gym, stage, and cafeteria will contain the pit area, practice tables, and the competition tables. Pit tables are assigned. Practice tables will be available and located in the pit area. With so many teams, expect noise.

The Batavia Qualifier is a lanes tournament meaning that all teams are eligible for all awards.
Robot performance will be conducted on four field tables. Each team will have the opportunity to play four matches at the tables.

Robot Design, Innovation Project, and Core Values Judging will be conducted in classrooms. Team members, coaches, parents, and other family members are allowed in the judging areas. No one can attend or participate in any other team's than your own. Non-team members: We ask for your silence during the judging sessions.
There will be a short break towards the end of the day while the refs and judges confer on final scores and deliberate on awards. Gather your team and find a place to sit for the awards ceremony.

Most important of all is bring a good sense of humor. This tournament is put on entirely by volunteers. Show them your support and appreciation for what they have put together for you. Check your worries and egos at the door. Have fun!

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Team Arrival
Team Arrival

Inclement weather
The Tournament Coordinator will determine if there will be a delay in the start of the event or a cancellation of the event.This will depend on:

  • Road and weather conditions
  • Conditions within the facility, including power, heat, water, fire and contagious disease conditions that are considered to be a threat to the safety or health of the students
  • Other conditions that might apply

If a qualifying tournament has to be cancelled, the following process will be in place:
1. No Awards will be given
2. A lottery of registered teams that would have attended that qualifier will determine which teams will advance to the championship tournaments.  The lottery will be held within 48 hours from the day the qualifier was intended to be held with the participation of the head judge, head referee and qualifying tournament coordinator. Teams will be notified by email that same day.

Parking & Unloading
The most convenient parking is available in the large parking lot on the north side of the school. If that fills up, park in the east lot. Handicapped parking is available in both places.

The local Police Department has been alerted to our program. They have been very clear that emergency vehicle zones must be kept clear. Parking violations will be enforced.

If you have a lot of equipment, it can be unloaded near the building. Carry items directly into the building or supervise them in the unloading area. Cars may not park in this zone, even temporarily.
Coach Check In
After unloading and parking, coaches go to the Registration table in the lobby.
You will need to have a copy of your team roster along with any hard copy release forms for parents that didn't sign electronically.
You will also need to confirm that Illinois releases were filled out by your team.
You can find out more about FIRST and Illinois consent forms HERE

Coaches will receive a schedule and pizza order form that is due at 9 am.

Coaches will be reminded of the Coaches Meeting scheduled from 8:15 to 8:45 in room 109.

Contact Information on Day of Tournament

Tournament Coordinator is Ron Karabowicz. Reach him at

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The Team's Day
The Team's Day
Site Rules
Please observe the following rules:
  • Stay in the designated tournament areas
  • Be on time for all judging sessions and table runs
  • Small children should be supervised at all times
  • Please clean up your pit table after the tournament
  • No smoking or alcohol is allowed in the facility
Pit  Area
The pit is the team's home base between robot performance and judging. Pit tables are pre-assigned and labeled with team placards. Do not rearrange the tables or move placards. Power is provided to each pit table.

Most pit tables are located on a raised stage which is reached via a short stairway. If you need an accessible pit table on the competition floor, notify the Tournament Coordinator by Wednesday before the event.

Practice tables are located in the pit area. There is no sign-up for practice table time-slots. Please demonstrate gracious professionalism and show respect to those wishing to practice. Spend no more than 5 minutes at a table.

If your team is able to bring a field kit for use on the practice fields, please do so and let the Tournament Coordinator know in advance. While using the practice tables, be respectful of other team's property and take care of the challenge pieces as if they were your own. All challenge pieces should stay at their assigned tables.

Every team is responsible for bringing their own loose (non-dual locked) mission models for practice.

Competition Area
Team members at the table will have a brief time to inspect the playing surface and prepare your robot for tournament play. Coaches and students should not touch any table elements. If you think something is improperly setup on the table, the student should notify the referee immediately so that it may be corrected.

Team members must not touch the competition table during performance runs.

The score is determined at the END of the match based on the condition of the field at that time only. This means that points won’t be awarded for successful missions that the robot accidentally alters before the match ends. The referee will review the results of the match with team members before they leave the table. They can ask for any clarifications or corrections at that time. There is no instant replay in FLL. Please do not bring any video evidence to the referees for review.

Transporting the Robot during the Event
It will happen… someone will drop their robot and watch the parts explode in a million directions. It’s not pretty. You might consider a plastic container for carrying your robot during the event. If it drops you have a better chance of collecting all of the parts and re-assembling it.

No Bluetooth
Bluetooth should be turned off on team robots. Robots cannot be programmed in the pit area or practice fields using Bluetooth. If a referee, judge or volunteer notices Bluetooth is enabled, they will require the team to turn it off immediately.

NOTE: Until this happens to you, you may not realize the significance of these statements. Other computers nearby CAN re-program or hinder the ability of your own computer to program your robot. Take the precautions mentioned above.

We expect everything will go safely. No injuries, no accidents, nothing that a hug or a band aid couldn’t take remedy. However, as a coach you have to be aware of your responsibilities for the care and safety of your students, your belongings, those around you and the facilities. It starts when you get behind the wheel and doesn’t end until the last team member gets safely home.

There will be a lot of valuables sitting on tables around this event. If even one person lost something to theft, it would be felt by all. This event is open to the public. We encourage others to come and see what your students have done. FLL is growing because of your efforts and those of others. Use common sense. Don’t leave valuables unattended. If it’s expensive and a likely target to theft, please leave it at home. Encourage your students to do the same.

Don’t forget your team’s stuff!  Suggested items…
  • Team Roster
  • Four Team Information Sheets (three for judges and one extra)
  • A spare parts kit
  • Props and other items for your project or other judging sessions
  • A printed copy of your programs to show to the Robot Design judges
  • Battery charger for your robot!
  • USB programming cable for your robot
  • Your laptop computer
  • Loose mission model parts for practicing at practice tables
  • Personal items storage box/large garbage bag (for gloves, hats, coats) to put under your pit table

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Judging and Awards
Judging and Awards
The tournament schedule will be available at registration.

It is the team's responsibility to BE ON TIME FOR ALL judging sessions and robot runs.
•    Missed robot run: it will not be rescheduled and the team will receive a score of zero
•    Late to judging: the time allowed for the interview will be reduced accordingly
•    EXCEPTION: overarching tournament delays are not penalized

Judging Process
The judging hallway is a quiet zone: please talk softly.

Teams should arrive at their judging rooms at least 5 minutes in advance of their scheduled time. Notify hallway monitors as necessary. Teams will wait quietly outside of their room until ushered in.

Only coaches, parents and guests of the team are allowed in the team's judging room. Recording and non-flash photography are allowed.

Teams should provide the judges a completed Team Information Sheet so bring at least three copies. One copy will go to each of the three sets of judges: Innovation Project, Robot Design, and Core Values.  The Judges see many kids and teams during the day, so the Team Information Sheet will help them identify everyone, as well as learn some important facts about your team.
All judging sessions in Illinois are 10 minutes long and include both time for the team to present information to judges and a Question & Answer period.

Coaches: Do not interfere or contribute to judging. This is the time for the students to shine. Interruptions from any spectators will take away from the students' time and any severe interruptions will result in spectators being removed from the rooms.

Innovation Project Judging
Project judging is structured as 5 minutes presentation and 5 minutes question and answer. Time the team uses to set-up for their presentation and handle introductions is part of their 5 minute presentation. Anything other than a desk must be furnished by the team.

Per FIRST policy: No water or live animals are allowed in the judging room.

Robot Design Judging
Bring the robot and attachments!

There will be no competition game table or mat in the judging room.

The team has 4 minutes to present information about their robot and strategy. Time starts when the first team member enters the room.

The remainder of the 10 minutes are question and answer.

There will be a 17" x 11" display board in the room that shows the robot game mat. The team can use this board at anytime to aid their explanations. 

Core Values Judging
There will not be a teamwork challenge this year.

The team is given 3 minutes to present information about their team.  Time starts when the first person enters the room.

Team may use a poster or other visual aids if they wish. Format of presentation is up to team as long as it is a live presentation.

The remainder of the 10 minutes are question and answer.

The following awards will be given at each tournament:
  • Champion’s Award
  • Robot Design Award
  • Innovation Project Award
  • Core Values Award
  • Judges’ Award
  • Robot Performance Award
  • Rising Star Award
Descriptions of these awards are on the FIRST Illinois Robots website page, Qualifier Awards.

Team Advancement Policy to State Championships
Approximately 25% of the teams at a qualifier advance to a championship tournament.  Teams are eligible for advancement if they meet the following criteria as required by the FLL Global Standards and Challenge document.

Teams must:
  • Have between 2 and 10 student members
  • Complete all required sections of the Innovation Project
  • Have no disqualifying Core Values behaviors
  • Be competing at their first official FLL event of each qualifying level during the season
  • Perform well in all four areas: Core Values, Innovation Project, Robot Design, and Robot Game 

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Concessions & Entertainment
Concessions & Entertainment
Teams: Pre-ordered whole pizzas are available for teams at lunch time.
Order forms are available at the Registration table and are due at 9 am. Options are cheese, sausage, and pepperoni pizzas and drink tickets ($1 each).

Concessions serves food and drink from 8 am till 4 pm. Cash, check, and credit card are accepted.

Breakfast foods for sale might include:
  • Fruit
  • Bagels
  • Muffins
  • Donuts
Lunch items for sale might include:
  • Pizza by the slice
  • Hot Dogs
  • Chips
  • Candy
  • Desserts
Beverages for sale throughout the day might include:
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Water bottles
  • Soda

Additional items at Concessions
  • LEGO Earrings
  • LEGO Key chains
  • Silver Robotics Earrings
  • Raffle Tickets
Our annual kid-friendly raffle consists of baskets with LEGO, technology, and science themes. The baskets are on display in the cafeteria.

Tickets are $1 for 1 ticket; $5 for 6 tickets and purchased at Concessions.

Raffle winners are selected during the Pre-Closing Ceremony.

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FIRST National & Illinois Important FLL Links
FIRST National & Illinois Important FLL Links
This season from FIRST LEGO League
Challenge webpage
All 3 Judging Rubrics

This season from FIRST Illinois Robotics

Illinois Qualifiers and everything you need to know Public webpage
    Required to attend a qualifier are FIRST National and Illinois consent forms.
    Scroll down to the section titled "Consent and Release Forms"

Illinois Quick Reference Judging Guide Teams webpage 

Illinois Quick Reference Robot Game Table Run Guide Coaches webpage

To your qualifier, bring four completed Team Information Sheets (three for judges and one extra)
  • The Team Information Sheet as Printable PDF
  • The Team Information Sheet as Fillable PDF Form  Note: If it's not a fillable form, try opening in a different web browser.